Here are all the 2019 car news

The car market is in constant movement thanks to the enormous progress made by recent technology. The need for manufacturers to sell cars more and more connected and environmentally friendly, has made sure that the 2019 auto news are of interest.

An amendment was also recently approved in the House Budget Committee, which provides for an Ecotax and Ecobonus 2019 up to 6,000 euros for the purchase of cars with low emissions, therefore electric, hybrid or natural gas and a retention for cars with high emissions .

Audi news

AUDI E-TRON SPORTBACK: Audi e-tron is the first all-wheel drive electric SUV in the Audi family and will be the founder of a family of 100% electric vehicles. Waiting to know the final specifications, here are some of the numbers of Audi e-tron destined to become one of the best electric cars of the 20th.

AUDI Q3 2019
Among the most anticipated 2019 SUVs there is certainly the Audi Q3. The second generation of the four-ring house SUV was unveiled in July and struck for a decided style change. Via the soft lines of the previous generation and space to clean and decisive cuts that give a more urban and aggressive look.

AUDI Q5 PLUG-IN: Another very exciting 2019 car news is the Audi Q5 plug-in. The SUV of the German manufacturer, a reference point in the category, will present itself on the market with the expected plug-in hybrid power supply, aimed at reducing consumption and emissions.

AUDI A6 ALLROAD: The House of the Four Rings will present in 2019 another highly successful car, the Audi A6 Allroad. The station wagon with off-road vocation will present itself on the market with a decidedly renewed design and son of the recent stylistic course undertaken in Ingolstadt. The angular lines blend perfectly in a car body grown in size. The rear is the most modified area compared to the past generation of the Audi A6 Alloroad and features a streamlined tail and LED light clusters ideally joined together by a chrome-plated strip that perfectly divides the tailgate into two parts.

New BMW 2019

BMW SERIES 7: The BMW 7 Series will arrive on the market by early 2019 to renew the challenge to the eternal rivals Mercedes and Audi. The German sedan will be characterized in the front by the classic “double kidney” grille with generous dimensions and thin and sharp headlights, while minimal changes should be made to the rear lights.

BMW X7: The House of Monaco will churn out numerous car news 2019, thus renewing its offer. Among these expectations are definitely high for the BMW X7, one of the most anticipated 2019 SUVs. The premium SUV will overturn the lines that are accustomed to the loyals of the German House to resume the modern design anticipated with the prototype X7 iPerforamance Concept.

BMW X6: The third generation of the BMW X6: the sports SUV of the German company, has been portrayed in numerous releases during the tests and it is therefore possible to guess what will be its definitive line, despite the presence of camouflages.

MERCEDES-BENZ EQ C: The new Mercedes-Benz EQC, where EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” is part of a growing family of purely electric Mercedes-Benz. Now the first electric SUV is ready to make its debut on the market in mid-2019 and lends itself to becoming one of the most exciting innovations among the electric cars of 2019 together with the Audi e-tron.


PORSCHE CAYENNE COUPÉ: Another novelty in the world of SUVs for 2019 to watch with particular interest is the Porsche Cayenne Coupé. The German company does not want to leave unexplored the niche market currently occupied by the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE coupé and in 2019 will introduce in its price lists a variant of its successful SUV, characterized by a particular and streamlined line. The element that stands out most is the tail thanks to the sloping rear window and the sloping roof. This detail, however, should be to the detriment of the internal habitability reserved for only four occupants. The interior of the Porsche Cayenne Coupé should follow in all respects that already seen on the traditional version currently on the market.

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