Never take the meaning of words for granted … Today we shed light on what a Test Drive is and what it consists of precisely.
For Test Drive we mean the “driving test” that a car dealership or car rental activity like ours can offer to a potential buyer of the car.

This is a test in all respects, which allows the person to get on board the car and drive it accompanied by a sales consultant or, in our case, by a driver authorized to drive sports cars, so that he can monitor and monitor the test itself.

The authorized driver, naturally, must be able to provide the customer with all the information and explanations he / she needs as the test drive is designed to allow the buyer to be able to learn all the technical and functional details of the car by guiding it in the first person, touching with hand all the potentialities, fittings and controls of the car and let’s face it, in our case also the excitement and adrenaline that you can try driving one of our supercars.

As a first approach to understand if it can be adapted or not to those who will drive it is very important, modestly when you come to try our cars you will hardly be disappointed.
The performance of these cars exceed all expectations, not to mention the emotions that arise at any moment from the moment of ignition to that of the shutdown, to the roar of the engine or during an acceleration on the road.

At Bullbar, we offer our customers the choice between 2 main test drive formulas:

    • The Test Drives that last between 10 and 60 minutes and that are performed near the Lamborghini factory;
    • The 2 hour Test Drive that allows you to go around the hills of Bologna.

You can also relive the excitement of the moment when you want because the entire session will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to purchase your video while you are driving.

We are waiting for you, visit the dedicated page to discover the cars available and the rates and book your tour now!!!