Someone said so many years ago that dreams are desires for happiness and it is probably the purpose of life to realize what makes us feel good. There are some things that require time and dedication to be realized, while others are already there ready for us, we just have to go and get them.

If your dream is to drive a Supercar and make it become reality, maybe organizing an unforgettable weekend aboard it, do not you think it’s time to satisfy your precious and well-deserved thought? Well, doing all of this is much simpler than you might think.

Between Modena and Bologna in the heart of Motorvalley, exactly in Sant’Agata bolognese, in front of the Lamborghini factory, Bull Bar gives the possibility to realize the dream of a weekend in the company of a splendid Lamborghini.

Bull bar is responsible for hiring in the short and medium term beautiful luxury cars like the Lamborghini Huracàn or for example the Huracán Spider. When you decide to hire a car like that, it is not just a simple car rental, but to realize a top-of-the-range emotion, which is unlikely to go unnoticed and much less forgotten.

An adventure with 610 horses of pure emotion that can be tasted in the Bolognese countryside and why not, thanks to the medium term rental service, this powerful experience can also be appreciated outside the Bologna area, such as in the vicinity of the favorite location or near the sea.

You just have to rent your dream car and give life to a real weekend of pure adrenaline and remember, who stops is lost.