Huracán Performante: here are the characteristics of the last bull of the Bullbar stable


Finally the Huracán Performante also joined the Bullbar boxes. We could not miss a gem like that and in fact here it is …
But let’s see together how it differs from the other Huracán and what makes it so unique.

We can certainly start by saying that with Huracán Performante the concept of super sports car has been redefined thanks to the unprecedented level of performance that it is able to achieve.
In fact, it has been completely redesigned with the aim of obtaining an even lighter and even faster machine.

In the realization of the Performante, Lamborghini technicians intervened on weight and chassis, introducing the Forged Composites®, a moldable carbon fiber material patented by Automobili Lamborghini, able to further lighten the machine.
They also intervened on the power of the engine by inserting an innovative and intelligent active aerodynamic system, called “ALA” (Aerodynamics Lamborghini Attiva), which allows the aerodynamics to be adapted to the type of driving and the route according to the needs, promotes stability with the increase of the vertical load and the speed in the corners, also facilitating the acceleration and reaching the maximum speed possible thanks to an important decrease in aerodynamic drag.

Among the other changes we also have an improvement of the engine, steering and suspensions more effective alongside the system of magnetoreological shock absorbers that react to the driving style and adapt to the road improving the control of the car, the change of dual-clutch LDF seven ratios to satisfy even the highest performance, an even more powerful aspirated V10 engine with optimized fluid dynamics both in intake and exhaust, all enclosed in the vibrant and exciting sound of the new lightweight exhaust system.

Going up and setting in motion you will realize that the Performante deviates from all the others because you can see and feel that it has been designed to be the fastest.

In short, all the news speak of performance, including the front and rear spoilers made in Forged Composites® to take advantage of the aerodynamics and the new Pirelli P Zero Corsa rims that ensure an incredible grip; not to mention the interiors, perfectly consistent with the car’s personality and its objectives with carbon seats, Forged Composites® interiors and elegant Alcantara upholstery.

It is undoubtedly a masterpiece of engineering, mechanics and passion, able to give unique emotions to driving and beyond.

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