The moment of the fateful yes, it is and must be a magic note, carefree and even a little ‘perfect. In our times we get married less than once but if you do, it is good that it is a ceremony with the “controfiocchi”!

Everything must respect the character, tastes and feelings of future spouses. Dress, location, entertainment and sumptuous banquets will be essential for the success of an unforgettable day, but we have not yet mentioned a really important element for the success of such an essential date, the car!

In the common tradition, the choice and payment of the car belongs to the bride’s family. The bride must be the first to set foot on the car and consequently the last to get out of it. The same goes for the decorations, which will have to be evaluated according to taste, but also the car chosen, because some cars like sports cars are so perfect that they do not need a lot of frills, but if there is this need it is good that they are in agreement with the dress of the bride and with the general line of the preparation of the whole ceremony.

There are various types of cars or means of transport more unusual, such as coaches, tractors or motorboats but if everyone has his own, a triumphal entry certainly not to be forgotten and that leaves its mark for elegance, refinement, style and power is definitely the choice of a luxury supercar like the Lamborghini, otherwise what a special day it would be? For a day to write down on family albums you need a special car that ensures a triumphant entry in style, whose mantra right for this occasion can certainly be the best to get the best!