Driving sports cars like ours can only generate unique and explosive emotions, for this reason Dr. Harry Witchel decided to conduct an experiment to try to measure the extent of these emotions.

A few months ago, Ford has commissioned a research to capture the so-called “BUZZ” moments of some volunteers, that is the emotional peaks that each of us feels during our lives and which play a fundamental role in the wellbeing of people thanks to the their ability to stimulate adrenaline by transmitting feelings of satisfaction and complacency.

Having been commissioned by a car company, the search could not be based on driving sports cars, the only cars that can really excite us so much.

In order to understand which experience was closest to him (on an emotional level), Dr. Witchel decided to compare the guide to other activities considered as exciting as:

  • the match of their favorite team at the stadium,
  • a roller coaster ride
  • the kiss of the loved one,
  • a dance lesson,
  • a tasty lunch with friends.

From what emerged from the survey, the excitement experienced in driving the sports car would be comparable only to a roller coaster ride with 2.1 average buzz moments, above 1.7 of shopping, to 1.5 of the match and the non-existent moments of buzz during the kiss, the dance lesson and lunch.

The interesting thing about the research, however, was the way in which the buzz moments were detected.

With the collaboration of Sensum, a leading company in empathic technology, in fact, it was possible to use an emotional intelligence system able to show the emotions experienced by volunteers, thanks to luminous strips mounted on the cars of 110 x 500 lumens in daylight and 82 panels with 188.416 LEDs.

The only real difference highlighted between roller coaster and supercar guide is the fact that the first ones give a fast “buzz moment”, while the second one could prove (for the lucky ones) a precious part of the daily routine of wellbeing.

You just have to reach us and book your tour with one of our wonderful cars to tap into a bit ‘of pure well-being. We are waiting for you!