What could be better than allowing yourself the luxury of starting the engine of a splendid supercar and being able to experience the unique emotion of driving it? Well meanwhile we can already say that this exceptional experience of luxury and live power, can also be extended to those who do not own a wonderful dream car.

But how is this possible? In a very simple way, it is possible to rent a test drive, which can last a few minutes, as well as several days, a marvelous and powerful luxury car, like the legendary Lamborghini Huracàn or Huracàn Spyder!

But how does it work specifically? It's all really simple, since you only need to decide the duration, with the possibility to choose between 10, 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes and choose in this way, to enjoy living with hands, unforgettable moments of pure emotion. Specifically, the test drive on the road, takes place in the company of an experienced co-pilot, (who also speaks English), chosen directly by the Bull Bar team, which ensures added value to the experience ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

It will be possible to fly through the countryside of Bologna savoring the dream of controlling 610 horses of strength and power, like pure bright silver. The Test Drive which lasts from 10 to 60 minutes will take place near the Lamborghini factory, otherwise if you decide to extend the experience, there is the option of two hours, which provides to get to the top of the magnificent hills.

Bull Bar, located between Bologna and Modena, in the middle of Motorvalley, rents luxury cars, not only for test drives ranging from 10 to 120 minutes, but provides its cutting edge for short-term rentals, as for example for weddings or events.