At the Palazzo del Viminale a year ago Stefano Domenicali, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini handed over to the police and in particular to the Minister of the Interior Sen. Marco Minniti, the brand new Lamborghini Huracan Police.

It is used for emergency services and urgent transport of blood and organs in Bologna and the province, in fact, in the front bonnet there is a specially designed fridge box.

Identical to the Huracan delivered to Rome in 2015, it is characterized by a 610 hp V10 engine, four-wheel drive, hybrid frame in carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure the rider maximum performance and stability even at high speed.

Made in the colors of Istituto Azzurro Medio Police and white with the appropriate lettering to the design of the supersport and a thin three-color band along both sides of the car, Lamborghini is not wrong, even the tires, the same as the classic Lamborghini, P Zero Pirelli, have a finesse that distinguishes them: the side in Azzurro Medio Polizia.

On board the car we find a computer, a tablet, a video recording system with recorder and camera, to allow documentation of control activities, but also a fire extinguisher, a defibrillator and of course the order radio.

Lamborghini and Polizia Stradale have been collaborating for ten years, and it was not by chance that the former handed over to the police the Gallardo, until now located in the Lamborghini museum, so that it can be exhibited at the State Police Car Museum. Rome.