In order to be able to redefine the concept of super sports cars by taking the notion of performance to levels never seen before, the Huracán Performante has been re-engineered in its entirety, from weight to engine power, from chassis to aerodynamics. Its innovative system of active aerodynamics (called ALA) adapts to the driver's driving style and to the type of route. It can increase vertical load to assist stability and speed trough curves, or it can reduce the aerodynamic resistance to to assist acceleration and reaching the top speed. Its engine is capable of reaching the highest performances, and is composed of an aspirated V10 capable of the highest specific power, new intake ducts and a perfected double clutch transmission.

The Huracán Performante design is impeccable and uses only the highest quality materials. From the exteriors to the interiors, the vehicle appearance is made to express speed and performance. Its carbon fiber seats are both light and comfortable and, along with the double wishbone suspension system, are meant to provide a seamless driving experience.

Test Drive price table

Minutes Price
10 € 150,00
15 € 200,00
20 € 280,00
30 € 380,00
60 € 720,00
90 € 950,00
120 € 1200,00

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