We help Lamborghini lovers have the time of their lives (after sipping our great coffee).

Bullbar is the only luxury car rental in the world located in front of Lamborghini's Official Headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese - 25 km from Bologna.

How We Do It

We offer three main services. 

  1. Our Car Rental service allows you to rent any car you want for the duration you want. 
  2. Our Group Events service gives you the opportunity to attend a Lamborghini-themed event after choosing your preferred car from our vast selection. 
  3. Our Test Drive service provides you with the best location to drive your Lamborghini, the best instructor, and the best prices.

Why We Do It

Simply because we share the same passion as you.

As locals and heartfelt fans of the world's most beautiful cars, we believe that no one should be denied the thrill of mastering a real Lamborghini.

We believe that driving the car of one's dreams should not require intense research, years of saving, or constant worry — it just has to be fun and carefree.

Our Story

 Twelve years ago, we were the standard 'bar of the village' operating across the street from Lamborghini’s official headquarters. 

Every day, we used to serve snacks and drinks to numerous fans who would stop by for a coffee break before or after visiting the museum.

Everything went on great because working in that location introduced us to many interesting people — Lamborghini enthusiasts like us. 

With time, however, we realized that a significant amount of them did not feel ready to leave Sant'Agata Bolognese after exploring around. The experience lacked something that would make it fulfilling and complete. 

We had to figure out the problem and how we could help. 

 After some years, we realized that what made their experience incomplete was the lack of hands-on practice: not being able to take on the road a real Lamborghini and feel first-hand that distinct emotion. 

And who could blame them?  After all, which supercar enthusiast wouldn’t want to drive a 600-plus horsepower Lamborghini on the same exact roads where the original models are tested?

Well, the opportunity did not exist. 

That's when we decided to expand our bar into a luxury car rental agency: a place of real, practical opportunity for all Lamborghini enthusiasts, international and local, to actualize their dream.

10 years later, we are finally proud to say that we have helped thousands of people attain their lifelong goal: to be in complete control of the most beautiful cars in the whole world — Lamborghinis. 

Are you planning to make a dream come true?

If the answer is yes, come to visit us. You'll find us in front of Lamborghini's Factory & Museum.